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Path of the Fighter

I get asked every once in a while whether choosing to be an MMA fighter or combative martial artist is a worthy path. “Why should I want to physically dominate another human, what makes my victory better for the greater good of humanity?” This of course is a very fundamental question for the enlightened martial artist, and here is my take on it.

Reaching actualization of one’s potential requires going through resistance – Facing great challenges. There are a million roads that can take you there, but undeniably few challenges as thoroughly monumental as a fight. In confronting that mental, physical, and emotional trial you will learn things about yourself virtually impossible to know otherwise. You will ask more of yourself than most would even dare. It is not a course that many can or should follow, but for those who are called, there is great opportunity for growth in this path. Many of the most honest, humble people on the planet that I have encountered have gone through this primal gauntlet.

Because of this, the fighter shouldn’t look at the fight as a zero sum game, where one loses and the other wins. Both are providing each other with a worthy challenge to overcome, and that is what is invaluable. Entering the cage is a voluntary, solitary choice and as far as money goes, there are a lot of other options with much higher pay outcomes. The path of the fighter can and should be a path with heart.

But there are of course caveats: In following this path if the goals are purely fame, money, and ego one may miss the whole point of the experience (Ahem, Mayweather). And there is also the risk of damaging the hardware that runs the operating system (Brain). Generally the brain injuries in fighting are cumulative so if one can keep the headgear on in training, avoid ego based gym wars, and get out earlier than you think you should– the way of the fighter can be a viable choice.


Evolution, Success, and Happiness

Whatever we are going through is part of the planetary struggle to evolve.

- Barbara Marx Hubbard

I believe the primary reason many of us are unhappy is because of our need to evolve as a species. [click to continue…]


The Collective Brain and Human Evolution

The role of human imagination is to conceive of all these delightful futures, choose the most amazing, exciting, and ecstatic possibility, and then pull the present forward to meet it.

- Jason Silva

We have gone beyond the capacity of the human mind to an extraordinary degree. Human society, through exchange and specialization, has created the ability to do things that we don’t even understand. [click to continue…]


Memories of Past Experiences

Which is more important: actual experiences, or the memories that remain when the experiences are over?

- The Book of Questions

How blessed are we to be able to remember past experiences? A simple thought of a past experience can bring us immediate happiness – as if the experience had actually just happened. [click to continue…]


Confidence Tip | How to Improve Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows of the soul…. If someone was to look into your eyes, what would you want them to see?

- E.L. Konigsburg

Strong eye contact is probably the most underused skills. For the many socially anxious people, by not looking at someone’s face they can remove one area of social stimulation and make the interaction feel less overwhelming. [click to continue…]


Human Nature | Why Humans Show Off

Human Nature is backwards. Ask yourself why?

We feel the need to prove everything to others before proving anything to ourselves.

We find it easier to make promises to others rather than keeping promises to ourselves.


Human Nature | Dominance in Eye Contact

A long time ago, our male ancestors had to compete for territory against other males.

It started with Dominance. In the animal kingdom, dominant males exhibit the highest level of eye contact. When you stare into the eyes of another male, you project both strength and aggression [click to continue…]


School vs Creativity

If you were an alien that came down to Earth and wanted to know why the school system was built and how it affects humans – you would find that all it does is increase the strength of one side of the brain (the right).

Schools were built for the industrial revolution. Creativity is gone.

Ted Talk


What Does Age Mean?

Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

- Mark Twain

For many people age is simply a way to keep track of when you are going to die. [click to continue…]


The Past 100 Years (The Good)

Can we trust evolutionary development to take our species in broadly desirable directions? Starting from primitive, unconscious life, biological evolution has led to the development of ever more advanced organisms, including creatures that have minds, consciousness, language, and reason. More recently, cultural and technological development, which exhibit some parallels with biological evolution, have enabled our species to progress at a vastly accelerated pace. The past few hundred years have seen enormous improvements in human life-span, labor productivity, scientific knowledge, and social and political organization, which have enabled billions of people to enjoy unprecedented opportunities for enjoyment and personal development.

- Nick Bostrom

Humanity has advanced Technology by leaps and bounds. [click to continue…]